The garage as the secret of self-realization

Garage culture is disappearing in big cities with the demolition of garage cooperatives. There is no longer a place where you can spend your free time on what you love if you need a workshop for this. In the outback, in small towns, there are no such problems with garages and building land. And there are almost no new buildings. Therefore, garages, both legitimate and not so, have a better chance of surviving. The heroes of the series spend their free time in the garage and spend on their hobbies. While doing daytime work, in the evening or on weekends, they go to the garage to do technical creativity or prepare their transport for the season. People whose work is in no way connected with welding or metal processing solve technical problems and create their own creations. They master the technique, learn and self-actualize. During the day in a white coat — in the evening with a “grinder” under the car. During the day, the editor and the owner of the newspaper — in his spare time building a boat. It seems that garages are and will remain a place where people can get creative and realize their ideas.